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Plant Substitutions and Ideas for Black Thumbs

Not everyone was blessed with a green thumb (honestly, most of us gardeners have to work for it!), but if you believe that you’re doomed to a life of being a black thumb, don’t fret! There are a number of plant substitutions that you can use for filling in pots and cute desk planters.   Go Faux The most obvious plant replacements are artificial plants (of course!). There are a reason that these are so often used in offices, restaurants, and in staging model homes. They  ...

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Newest Products: DIY Planter Kits

We’ve just finished releasing 3 new products this week! Our latest DIY Planter Kits come with everything you need for a beautiful planted succulent or cactus pot. This is great for gifting to your best friend, your son or daughter, or even yourself 😉 These planting kits give you the  ...

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Free Download: Succulent Stationery Set

For anyone who enjoys writing on decorative stationery and loves plants, I’ve made this free 2-page stationery set adorned with succulents and cacti!  This watercolor succulent stationery is perfect for writing letters. You can also print them 2 per page and cut them in half to make cute  ...

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How to Handle Succulent Pests

You’ve brought some lovely succulents home and everything is fine…until you notice odd specks appearing on your sempervivum and echeverias. Or you see what looks like tiny white cottonballs sticking to your aloes, crassulas, or other succulents. With plants, there’s always a chance for  ...

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