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How to Propagate Succulents

Propagating succulents is easy and relatively inexpensive. If you’ve ever wanted to create more plants from a single plant, then you will love propagating succulents! What is propagation? Plant propagation is when you take a part of an existing plant to grow a new plant. This can’t be done with all plants, but only some. Many succulents can be propagated, but there are different methods depending on the type of succulent. This is a good project if you want more plants, if you have a  ...

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Kid-Friendly Planter Ideas

If you love plants and want to foster that passion in your kids, you will want to start your children with kid-friendly planters or their very own fairy garden. Many planters and pots are made from fragile materials like ceramic. They can also be heavy! 3D-printed pots use lightweight plastic  ...

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