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How to Water Your Air Plants

Are air plants (aka tillandsia) easy to take care of? They are, as long as you follow a few rules (just like how gremlins can be cute and cuddly if you follow the rules!). First, they need enough filtered sunlight or 12 hours of bright indoor lighting. The second rule is about water. But how can you water properly if everyone says different things and everyone’s growing environment is different? Humidity It mostly has to do with humidity. If your air plants are in a humid place, they  ...

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How to Propagate Succulents

Propagating succulents is easy and relatively inexpensive. If you’ve ever wanted to create more plants from a single plant, then you will love propagating succulents! What is propagation? Plant propagation is when you take a part of an existing plant to grow a new plant. This can’t be done with  ...

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Kid-Friendly Planter Ideas

If you love plants and want to foster that passion in your kids, you will want to start your children with kid-friendly planters or their very own fairy garden. Many planters and pots are made from fragile materials like ceramic. They can also be heavy! 3D-printed pots use lightweight plastic  ...

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