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Cute succulent pots are everywhere! Frog pots, owl pots, and kawaii pots are popular containers for plants. With 3D printing, it's possible to create pots and planters in nearly any size or shape. Mini planters are great for succulent babies, and large pots are perfect for succulent arrangements.

Succulent planters can be used to beautify your home, office, or given as a gift!

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Can you plant any type of succulent in 3D printed pots? 

Yes! You can plant all types of succulents in 3D printed succulent pots. To keep your succulents happy though, you need to be sure to provide the right lighting and watering. Most 3D printed pots are intended to be indoor planters. Low-light succulents like haworthias are fabulous indoors. Many other succulents and cacti need bright sunlight while indoors, or they'll get leggy aka etoliated. Succulents also don't need much water. Getting their soil completely moist (not soaked) once a week or once every 2 weeks is recommended, but always check your succulents to see how they're doing and adjust as needed. 

How can I make a beautiful succulent arrangement? 

If you want to go for a traditional arrangement of plants, whether it's succulents or potted plants, you want 3 things: a thriller, a spiller and a filler. The thriller is the plant that will catch the observer's eye to wow them—this can be done with something large or tall. Think blue chalksticks, firesticks, tall kalanchoe plants, a large breathtaking rosette or something with a pop of color. The spiller is something that will spill out of the container, like burro's tail/sedum burrito, string of pearls, and other trailing sedums or senecio plants. You can also use a rosette that's angled so it looks like it's falling out of the pot. The filler is what's left to take up space in your arrangement. Sempervivum, echeverias, graptoverias and so much more can be used for your filler plants. 

Depending on your taste, you can fill your container completely with plants so you don't see the soil. If you want to space your plants out so they grow bigger, you can put a top dressing of river rocks, aquarium gravel, or other decorative pebbles to make your arrangement look nice. 

If you have a lot of rosette succulents, you can try a cool effect with blue and green glass stones that make it look like a waterlily pond. 

Otherwise, go wherever your creativity takes you! 

Succulent Arrangement in a Fat Frog Pot

Customized frog pot loaded with tall thrillers, a spiller echeveria, and filler succulents

I love succulents but I have a black thumb! What kinds of plants would you recommend as being easy to care for?

If you're dead set on having a succulent, think about where you want to keep it. Do you want to keep it indoors in a low-light environment, or outside in a container or in a garden? For indoors and places with little sunlight, you can keep a haworthia plant. Some have transparent leaves that fill with water, while others look similar to aloe plants with dark green leaves. Hardy plants like sempervivum and stonecrop sedums do well without much maintenance outdoors.


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