Amethyst pineapple air plant holder

Gemstone Pineapple Pot

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Glam, glitz, and shine with these gemstone pineapple pots. These pineapple air plant holders are semi-translucent, and are available in a number of gemstone colors. 

  • Amethyst is a beautiful pinkish purple.
  • Aquamarine is a light sky blue.
  • Emerald is a dark blueish green. 
  • Ruby is a bright red. 
  • Crystal is a shiny white with mirror/disco reflections.

Air Plants

These pineapple display pieces were designed to look like a pineapple when an air plant sits on top. Choose from one of our air plants to go with your gemstone pot. 


This pineapple air plant holder is very lightweight and measures 2.4" high with a 2.25" diameter width. Each of our air plant holders is made with a 1" diameter cone-shaped hole for the air plant to sit in.

Original pineapple design by yeg3d