Green Grass Drainage Tray for Hedgehog Pots

Green Grass Drainage Tray for Hedgehog Pots

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Pump up the cute with your indoor planters by placing them on top of this grassy knoll drainage tray.


These cute drainage trays were designed specifically for hedgehog pots and will correspond to the hedgehog pot sizes (small drainage tray for small hedgehogs, medium trays for medium hedgehogs, etc.), but can also be used for other pots as well. 

  • Small tray can be used with a standard 4" circular pot.
    Dimensions: 0.56" H x 3.9" W x 4.2" D.
  • Medium tray can be used with a 5" circular pot.
    Dimensions: 0.75" H x 5.2" W x 5.6" D. 
  • Large can be used with a 6" - 6.5" circular pot.
    Dimensions: 1.2" H x 7.1" W x 7.5" D.

These drip trays have "paw holders" for the hedgehog pots. To figure out the front of the drip tray, look at the underside for the words "". When those words are rightside up, the top side is the front where the hedgehog's nose should be. 

Circular pots can be placed over the "crosshairs" section of the tray, and other 3D printed pots like bulbasaurs can be placed on top (though it won't "lock in" like the hedgehog pots). 


Choose from fluorescent green or pine green. If you would like a custom color, please contact us