Hedgehog Pot/Planter

Hedgehog Pot/Planter

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This hedgehog pot is a cute yet spiky friend that you can keep on your desk or counter (preferably with our grassy knoll drainage tray!). 

Your new hedgehog friend can be one of 3 sizes:

  • Small / Baby Hedgehog - Fits a 1.5" potted plant
  • Medium / Teen Hedgehog - Fits a 2.5" potted plant
  • Large / Mama Hedgehog - Fits a 3.25" plant 

All hedgehog planters contain a drainage hole, spikes (this is not a toy!), and an adorable face and paws. You can drop in a potted plant or pot it up with well draining soil. 


  • Small Dimensions: 4.44" D x 4.13" W x 2.7" H
  • Medium Dimensions: 6" D x 5.5" W x 3.4" H
  • Large Dimensions: 7.75" D x 7.5" W x 5" H


Original Hedgehog Design by Tomi_3D
Our modifications were to add a planter hole and a drainage hole.

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