DIY Orchid or Bonsai Kokedama

Kokedama Planter

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Our kokedama planter is a fun, quick way to make a kokedama-inspired planting. Just line the inside of the planter with sheet moss, fill it in with dirt or potting medium, and plug in your plant. Instant kokedama without having to wrap moss with twine or worrying about it falling apart in your hands! 

  • The small size is perfect for small succulents or as a simple air plant holder
  • The medium size is best for bonsai, orchids, large succulents and houseplants

Display this planter anywhere indoors either on a stable tabletop or as a hanging planter. Modern-looking and fun, this planter is a fast DIY project that will add a pop of color or elegance to your decor. 

Does not include moss, dirt, plant, or hanging string. 


We have 2 sizes (as always, we can print a custom size when requested): 

  • Small measures 2.25” H x 2.5” W x 2.5” D. Opening is 1.6” in diameter.
  • Medium measures 5” H x 5.5” W x 5.5” D. Opening is 3.5” in diameter.

Easy Kokedama

Making your own kokedama with this planter is so fast and easy, it takes 5-10 minutes! Cover the inside of the planter with pieces of green sheet moss. Add soil (use porous, fast-draining soil for succulents or sphagnum moss for orchids), and add your plant in. You can cover any bare patches on the top with more sheet moss if desired. 

Place the planter on a flat surface for a desktop decoration (make sure it's not nudged or jostled -- it can roll!). Alternatively you can add fishing line, jute/twine, or other durable string to hang it. 

Mist or spray your moss once daily to keep it green. Water your plant's root ball as needed by spraying heavily or by watering/soaking in a sink, tub or shower. Different plants have different watering requirements, so be sure to water according to your plant's needs. 

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