Magnetic Pineapple Air Plant Holder

Magnetic Pineapple Air Plant Holder

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To green up your kitchen without using counterspace or a windowsill, you can use this magnetic air planter. It’s perfect for displaying a tillandsia ionantha air plant that favors one side over the other.  

This lightweight air planter is made from a biodegradable, plant-based plastic. The pineapple planter has a strong ceramic magnet attached, allowing it to stick to magnetic surfaces like refrigerators, magnet boards, and more. The planter is so lightweight that it can hold an air plant and a few papers to your fridge. You also don’t have to worry about it breaking or chipping like ceramic magnetic planters.

  • Measures 2.15” wide x 1.7” deep x 2.4” high.
  • Has a cone-shaped hole to hold the air plant.
  • Attached to a strong ceramic magnet.
  • Air plant not included - Add an air plant from our air plant store to your order!

Air Plant Care

If displaying an air plant in the magnetic pineapple pot, it is important to keep the air plant happy with some bright indirect sunlight and proper watering.

If the leaves of the air plant look dry (brown, shriveled, browning at the edges) they need a 10-15 minute soak in rainwater or dechlorinated tap water (tap water that’s been left out to dissipate the chlorine). You can also mist them heavily so that you can see water drops on the leaves.

Also be sure to provide enough filtered sunlight. If sunlight is not possible, you can use a fluorescent light about 6-8" from the plant. If the plant is looking very silver and it's been already been watered, it may need more light.

Learn more in our plant care guide!

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