Pineapple Pot + Air Plant Gift Box

Pineapple Pot + Air Plant Gift Box

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This pineapple pot gift box is a fun gift for friends, teachers, co-workers or for yourself! 

  • Includes 1 tillandsia ionantha air plant
  • Includes 1 mister / spritzer
  • Includes 1 Air Plant Care sheet

We send our best-looking and healthiest air plant when we send your order. We ship our gift boxes USPS Priority only so the plant can be delivered to you within 1-3 days of shipping. When it arrives, you may need to water the air plant to "revive" it from its travels. You can give it a quick dip in some water (shake gently and set upside down in a well-ventilated place) or heavily mist it and let dry.

We ship our gift boxes with extra kraft paper in the top of each gift box to keep the air plants and contents padded during transit. If presenting to someone, please remove the extra kraft paper (you can recycle or reuse).

Want more than 1 pineapple pot and plant in your gift box? Check out our 2-pot gift box.

* We can only ship air plants to the contiguous United States

Original pineapple design by yeg3d