Pink and Turquoise Pineapples for Air Plants

Pineapple Pot Duo Gift Box

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This duo gift box presents 2 cute pineapple pots with air plants in the color combination of your choice! 

  • Great gift for a couple or plant lover! 
  • Includes 2 air plants in pineapple pots.
  • Includes 1 30-ml mister.
  • Includes 1 Air Plant Care sheet within the gift box.

We send our best-looking and healthiest air plants when we send your order. We ship our gift boxes USPS Priority only so the plants can be delivered to you within 1-3 days of shipping. When it arrives, you may need to water the air plants to "revive" them from their travels. You can give them a quick dip in some water (shake gently and set plants upside down in a well-ventilated place) or heavily mist them.

* We can only ship air plant gift boxes to the contiguous United States.

Original pineapple design by yeg3d