TreeD Clay Filament for 3D Printers - 1.75mm

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TreeD's Clay is a unique filament that contains marble powders to give it a different color and a more classic texture than the typical plastic filaments. The color is a clay red. With a bit of sanding and polishing, the appearance of your projects can look like an aged replica pot or statue.

TreeD's Clay filament will arrive at your house on a vacuum-sealed cardboard spool with a resealable bag.

Print Specifications:
- Nozzle: 230C +/- 10C
- Build Plate: 100C +/-10C
- Adhesion: Blue tape, Kapton tape, or BuildTak
- Print Speed: 60-70 mm/s

- Diameter Tolerance: +0.02/-0.03
- Size: 1.75mm
- Spool Weight: 750g