TreeD Monumental Evo Filament for 3D Printers - 1.75mm

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TreeD's Monumental Evolution is a unique filament that contains marble powders to give it a different color and a more classic texture than the typical plastic filaments. The color is marble white. With a bit of sanding and polishing, your next print can leave a lasting impact on your garden or patio.

This Evolution line of filament is designed for outdoor use. Once printed, it is not only tough, but also UV resistant.

TreeD's Monumental Evolution filament will arrive at your house on a vacuum-sealed cardboard spool with a resealable bag.

Print Specifications:
- Nozzle: 240C +/- 10C
- Build Plate: 100C +/-10C
- Adhesion: Blue tape, Kapton tape, or BuildTak
- Print Speed: 60-70 mm/s

- Diameter Tolerance: +0.02/-0.03
- Size: 1.75mm
- Spool Weight: 500g