Waterfall Business Card Holder with Air Plant

Waterfall Business Card Holder with Air Plant Holder

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Print A Pot original design! This waterfall business card holder was designed to look like a waterfall or river lined with rocks. Choose your own colors! 

Inspired by nature, this is the perfect business card holder for eco-friendly businesses, environmentalists, and anyone who loves nature or water. 

  • Business card holder measures 4.35" W x 4.6" D x 2.9" H.
  • Funnel for air plant is about 1.25" diameter at the top.
  • Message us for completely customized colors. 

The business card holder has an oblong-shaped funnel for holding an air plant. Medium-sized air plants are perfect in this, but smaller air plants can work too. Filling the funnel with decorative reindeer moss will help hide the inside of the funnel if using a smaller air plant. 


The shown business card holder was printed with aquamarine for the water and smoky quartz brown for the stones. Smoky quartz brown is a gradient – each print will have a different gradient scheme. The air plant in the photo is an abdita brachycaulos. You can shop all of our air plants and air plant care items here.