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New Product: Aztec Succulent Planter

The Aztec Succulent Planter is our most recent planter design, boasting 3 levels for planting. The lowest tier is a shallow bed for succulent propagation or succulent babies. The middle tier is great for small succulents, and the top tier is best for a 2.5″ – 3.5″ succulent. What does all that mean? You can plant so many things in here, that’s what that means! Modeled after an Aztec temple, the 3 tiers are further adorned with suns and circles. The front of the  ...

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Home Decor

Ten Fun Pineapple Decor Ideas

Why do people love pineapples so much? For one, it’s such a funny fruit to look at AND it’s delicious! The smell of a ripe pineapple is sweet and tropical, and the taste is even better. But why has it become such a mainstay when it comes to decor? Maybe it’s the combination of colors: A green top, and a yellowy orange base with little areas of brown. Or what about the shape, with a pattern of diamonds across the husk and a top that looks like a mini-bromeliad? Perhaps  ...

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