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Print A Pot is owned and operated by Sean and Mercy, a husband and wife duo with a love for technology and plants. They believe in being as eco-friendly as possible, and are dedicated to creating unique pots and planters.

Sean, Print A Pot
Sean is the master printer and 3D designer, taking Mercy’s paper sketches and digitizing them in a 3D form to be printed. He is proud of using Agile for Print A Pot’s product and business development.
Mercy is the creative designer, marketer, photographer, and the self-designated plant mom. She takes care of the air plants, succulents, and cacti, and also creates the plant arrangements.


Why 3D-printed pots?

Sean crafted these 2 shelves, and designed the Kokopelli planter on the bottom shelf

Sean has always been a maker. Through Boy Scouts and spending time with his father, Sean has crafted wood shelves, table tops, and more. With Print A Pot, he has developed his 3D design skills to create unique, functional planters. One of his goals is to build a community of 3D designers and eventually provide 3D design lessons.

Mercy is from a long line of gardeners/plant lovers. Her grandfather was passionate about bonsai. Her parents have a beautiful vegetable and fruit garden, and her mother has a growing collection of orchids. Mercy began her own vegetable garden several years ago, and has since become an enthusiast for succulents, cacti, and air plants.

As a married couple, it was only natural to bring these two separate interests together to create 3D printed planters.

As makers, we will continue creating new pot designs, big and small, for a variety of plants.


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