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How to Rebloom an Orchid & Keep Orchids Healthy

Orchids: you either love or hate them. Some plant parents think they are the bane of their existence, while others have been able to crack the code with seamless orchid care. With these tips, we will walk you through easy orchid care tips. In addition, we will also describe how to rebloom an orchid, reviving it back to its healthiest condition.   Reblooming an Orchid As their flowers fade, it can be tempting to throw your plants away. Know that just because an orchid does not have  ...

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5 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly

Most of us want to be more eco-friendly in our lives because we will be passing this world on to our children and our grandchildren. Looking at the big picture and how many people there are on this planet, it might seem like our efforts are miniscule in comparison to what happens every day all  ...

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