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The Best Succulent Planters for Christmas Gifting

If you’re looking to gift some succulent planters to your favorite succulent-lover, check out our list of succulent pot ideas for year-round gifting or for Christmas! Regardless of where you get the succulent planters from, make sure they have drainage holes. Planters without drainage holes can lead to succulents dying, so ensuring there’s drainage (or making the drainage holes yourself!) will make things much easier for your gift recipient. Cute Animal Planters Animal pots are adorable all  ...

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5 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly

Most of us want to be more eco-friendly in our lives because we will be passing this world on to our children and our grandchildren. Looking at the big picture and how many people there are on this planet, it might seem like our efforts are miniscule in comparison to what happens every day all  ...

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How to Plant Cactus Seeds

While most cacti can be propagated from pieces or offshoots, growing cactus from seed is a rewarding and inexpensive method of growing rare specimens or your favorite cacti species! Nothing can compare to seeing the seeds germinate and the tiny cacti forming and growing into mature cacti! Where  ...

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How to Grow Echeveria Seeds

One of the best ways to add new and rare succulents to your collection is by growing them from seed! Why would you ever want to grow succulents from seed? If you’ve ever wanted a rare Echeveria, you know how expensive they can be. Seeds are much cheaper, and you’re able to grow  ...

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