Pumpkin Lovers Gift Guide

Fall is coming in fast and if you’ve been thinking of decorating for pumpkins or giving a pumpkin gift to a loved one, this is the gift guide for you!

Simple Succulent Pumpkin Planters!

Succulent Pumpkin Planters

As seen in Better Homes & Gardens and House Beautiful, our succulent pumpkin pots would make the perfect gift for someone who’s obsessed with succulents and the fall season. You can choose your own colors, so you can go with the classic orange or white. If you or your gift recipient like something different, you can choose your favorite color like blue!

Small Blue Pumpkin
Blue Pumpkin Set


If you’re thinking of providing non-food treats this Halloween, you can take part in the Teal Pumpkin Project by getting a pumpkin in turquoise and putting it on your doorstep!


Custom Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement

Give the joy of succulents in a preplanted arrangement! Available in small, medium, and large, each comes with care instructions. The medium and large planters include cotton wicks through the drainage hole for easy watering from the bottom. These succulent arrangements would do best indoors at room temperature, but can be placed outside if the temperature is above 60°F.

And if the person kills all of their succulents (hey, even the best of us plant lovers have casualties), the planter can still be used with artificial plants. It would look very cute as a pumpkin vase!

All of our planters are made with plant-based plastic, and can be used long-term.


Two-Toned Pumpkin for Halloween Lovers

Halloween Pumpkin Planters

For gifting to someone who adores Halloween, Tim Burton or the Nightmare Before Christmas, a two-toned pumpkin planter is perfect! These would go perfectly with a curvy air plant like Caput Medusae or a black-colored succulent like Echeveria Black Knight.


For Air Plant Lovers or Gifting on a Budget

Even air plant lovers deserve a cute pumpkin! This small pumpkin air plant holder makes it ideal for students, apartment dwellers, etc. And this is the most economical, starting at $9.


If you love these pumpkins, then you’ll enjoy our other fun 3D printed planters! Christmas will be here before you know it; preorder your gifts before the holiday rush!

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