Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Etsy Products

Single-use plastics and the realities of recycling mean that we need to make more of an effort to compost, reuse and reduce. The good news is that more eco-friendly and sustainable products are emerging every year. Here are a few of our Etsy finds for environmentally friendly products!

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Beeswax wraps

Plastic wrap is so convenient, but not all that good for the environment. Beeswax wraps are a great alternative! They are reusable, easily compostable, and they seal just with the warmth of your hands. Beeswax wraps like these BeeGood food wraps can last up to a year!

Beeswax wrap
Plastic Wrap Alternative by shop YouEnjoyMyGoods

Reusable Cutlery Set with Straw

Plastic fork. Plastic knife. Plastic spoon. Plastic straw. These single-use items will take forever to decompose. There are a number of cutlery options that can replace plastic. JungleCulture sells a cutlery set made from biodegradable bamboo without using pesticides or glue. Packaged in a convenient natural thread pouch, too!

Bamboo cutlery set
Natural cutlery by shop JungleCulture

Bamboo Toothbrushes

And what about toothbrushes? Most toothbrushes are made with plastic, and those electric toothbrush heads…they all add up! Using biodegradable materials like bamboo could help.

Bamboo toothbrushes by EcoRootsShop
Zero waste products by EcoRootsShop

Zero-Waste Home

This “eco starter pack” gives you a set of sponges, paper towel alternatives, and wipes for cleaning your home.

Reusable kitchen cleaning
Eco-friendly reusable products from shop JackandFred

And what about bath products? BattleGreenBox has a great kit if you want to dive headfirst into zero-waste living.

Zero waste kit by BattleGreenBox
Zero-Waste Kit by shop BattleGreenBox

What are your favorite items for sustainable living?

Here at Print A Pot, we try our best to be eco-friendly by using bioderived and industrially compostable materials for our planters. We reuse shipping boxes and packaging materials, and use an electric vehicle for most of our family’s transportation needs.

We love selling on Etsy because they offset 100% of their carbon emissions from shipping, so you can definitely feel good about receiving Etsy packages!

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