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Eco-Friendly 3D Printing

All of our pots and planters are 3D-printed with a biodegradable, plant-derived plastic.  We also source our electricity from wind power and hydroelectric power sources to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Plants Grown with Love

Our air plants, succulents, and cacti are grown with love and care. We use rainwater to water our plants and we do our best to keep our plants pest-free and healthy without using harsh chemicals.

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Customizable or Personalized

3D printing allows us to customize or personalize nearly any of our products. If you would like to request a custom design or commission us to 3D print your idea, please send us a message!

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What Our Customers Say

Adorable! Excellent communication, super fast shipping, Impeccable!!! Thank you!!!!!


This little pot is quite the hit at my office. Everyone loves it and wants to pick it up and check it out! Thank you PrintAPot!


Thank you so much! The pineapple was a hit, my mom loved it!


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About Print A Pot

Print A Pot creates custom and personalizable pots using 3D printing. Our eco-friendly 3D-printed planters are perfect for gifts, home decor, and office decor. Our popular pineapple air plant holders are available in a wide range of colors, and we have an ever-expanding catalog of cute and modern pots for succulent arrangements, houseplants, and cacti. Soon we will be adding bonsai pots, as well as outdoor pots and planters.

We at Print A Pot are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, high quality products, and healthy plants for each of our customers. If there is a pot or specialized planter you would like to have created, you can request a custom pot. We will work with you to create the product you are dreaming of—just message us to print a pot for you!

Our Print A Pot products make great plant gifts for the gardener or plant lover in your life.  Our air plant displays can be given as teacher gifts, coworker gifts, or gifts to friends. We include an air plant care card with each air plant and guarantee that we only ship healthy plants.