The Best Succulent Planters for Christmas Gifting

If you’re looking to gift some succulent planters to your favorite succulent-lover, check out our list of succulent pot ideas for year-round gifting or for Christmas!

Regardless of where you get the succulent planters from, make sure they have drainage holes. Planters without drainage holes can lead to succulents dying, so ensuring there’s drainage (or making the drainage holes yourself!) will make things much easier for your gift recipient.

Cute Animal Planters

Animal pots are adorable all year and make great gifts for any occasion.

Architectural Succulent Planters

Planters that look like buildings don’t exactly sound fun, but in reality, they can be intriguing and pleasing to the eye. They can look like ornate houses covered in plants, or even pyramids with vegetation growing all over!

Fruit-Shaped Pots

Fruits can definitely be appealing to people of any age! For people who love summer, strawberries and pineapples will be a happy reminder of summer heat and tropical vibes. And who doesn’t love pumpkins? Yes, it’s technically a fruit!

Succulent Pots for Him

Succulent Planters for Her

What Else Can You Get?

And what about succulents to go inside the planters? No one – and I mean absolutely no one – can ever have too many succulents!

Not sure about what planter to get or in which color? Gift cards are available with different digital designs to choose from, and they can be scheduled to be emailed for Christmas or any other date you choose.

Why Print A Pot

Print A Pot has been designing and manufacturing 3D printed planters since 2017. They’re focused on eco-friendliness, happy plants, and happy plant parents! You can see their latest projects on Instagram or Facebook.

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About Print A Pot

Print A Pot is a small family-owned business specializing in unique 3D printed planters. We’re different in that we actually care about plants and designing beautiful planters for your plants to thrive!

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