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Small Succulent Pineapple Pot


This small succulent pineapple pot is an adorable mini-pineapple for those who love succulents!

Any succulents to AZ, CA, NM, and NV will be sent bareroot without soil to comply with state agricultural regulations.

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If you or a loved one have limited space, this small succulent pineapple pot is cute and compact to live in nearly any space. With just a 2″ diameter footprint, this can fit on windowsills with at least 2″ of space, tiny shelves, and students’ desks.

  • Measures 2.25″ H x 2″ W
  • Planter opening is 1.5″ diameter
  • Two drainage holes
  • Made with plant-based plastic that is industrially compostable



Use a 2″ haworthia, zebra plant, or fairy washboard plant in these planters! First, add some soil to the planter. Unpot your succulent and stuff it into the pot (you may have to squeeze or break up the dirt to get it to fit). Add more dirt as needed around the plant using a small scoop or funnel. Want a more finished look? Add some moss (forest moss, deer moss, etc.) or a top dressing of small rocks to cover the dirt.

Use dirt with plenty of perlite and allow the soil to dry out thoroughly between waterings.



We have a larger succulent planter and two sizes of pineapple airplant holders in our Pineapple Collection.



Original pineapple design by yeg3d
We’ve modified it by cutting the top, hollowing it out and adding drainage holes.

Made to Order

We manufacture these in our 3D printing studio on a first-come, first-serve basis. Current processing time: 5-10 days.

Product Materials

We use plant-based plastic (PLA/PHA or PLA) for all of our planters. We've chosen this material for its durability, eco-friendliness, and the fact it is made from plant-based starches.

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