Top 5 Low Maintenance Plants for Beginners

Are you ready to purchase your first houseplant, but not sure where to start? There is definitely a learning curve when caring for your first new plant, so it is important to find one that is a good match for your knowledge and growing conditions. Here are five easy care indoor plants that are low maintenance and great starting points for first-time plant parents.

1. ZZ Plant

It is hard to believe the ZZ is a real houseplant, as it almost looks fake. This is partly due to the glossy leaves, but mostly because they thrive on neglect. The ZZ plant is a great low maintenance plant that survives in any lighting, from a sunny patio to a windowless room with only a few light bulbs. Water the soil about once per month. Don’t worry, the ZZ is forgiving when you forget to water every now and then.


2. Ponytail Palm

Nicknamed the “Elephant’s Foot”, we love the Ponytail Palm! This drought-tolerant plant has a brown trunk as a base, with several long and thin green leaves sprung on top. Breathe easy knowing that this Palm is pet safe and non-toxic to dogs and cats!

The Elephant’s Foot is not one commonly recommended to beginners for one reason: light. Aside from many of the low light plants mentioned here, Ponytail Palms require bright light as a non-negotiable condition. If you have a place for this Palm on a sunny patio or next to a window, enjoy this low water and low maintenance plant.


3. Spider Plant

Why do we love Spider Plants? They are air purifying, flexible on light, and easy to propagate. As they mature, Spider Plants put out tiny “baby” spider plants, also called “pups” or “offsets”. (Speaking of “pups”, Spider Plants and their offsets are safe for cats and dogs!) This makes the Spider Plant fun and easy to share, in addition to its easy care nature.


4. Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is the poster child of indestructible plants. Just like the ZZ Plant, this Sanseviera tolerates very dark or very bright light, needs very little water, and is all around easy to care for as an indoor plant. Snake Plants can be purchased at any size and in a variety of colors, including yellow and silver.

Snake plants are low maintenance plants

5. Air Plant

Yes, plants can grow without soil. Enter the Air Plant, a tropical and low maintenance plant that survives all on its own – with a little help from you, of course! As the name suggests, Air Plants do not grow in soil or water. Instead, they stand alone as a singular plant. Air Plants come in over 25 different sizes, colors, and species, with most non-toxic to pets and children.

You may be wondering how to water a plant that does not grow in any soil. To water, soak the plant in chlorine-free water for 20-30 minutes. Gently shake to dry, and make sure it receives bright indirect light. That’s all you need for a low maintenance Air Plant to stay happy and healthy as it grows! You can learn more about air plant care here.


Now that we have walked through the five best low maintenance plants to start your journey, which easy care plant are you most excited to grow? Let us know what you think.

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