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How to Plant Cactus Seeds

While most cacti can be propagated from pieces or offshoots, growing cactus from seed is a rewarding and inexpensive method of growing rare specimens or your favorite cacti species! Nothing can compare to seeing the seeds germinate and the tiny cacti forming and growing into mature cacti! Where to Get Cactus Seeds Seeds are usually harvested from dried out flowers or cactus fruits (like dragonfruit — yum!). Since most of us don’t have flowering cacti or cactus fruits on hand, you can  ...

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How to Grow Echeveria Seeds

One of the best ways to add new and rare succulents to your collection is by growing them from seed! Why would you ever want to grow succulents from seed? If you’ve ever wanted a rare Echeveria, you know how expensive they can be. Seeds are much cheaper, and you’re able to grow several plants with a smaller money investment. All it takes is time and patience! Echeveria Seed Growing Supplies Want to get growing with Echeveria seeds? There are a few things you’ll need to  ...

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How to DIY: LED Grow Light Box

Do you want to grow plants indoors? But is your indoor space low on sunlight? A grow light can help! But aren’t grow lights ugly? Or too purplish? What if I told you you could have a shabby chic grow light box that you can DIY yourself? And that it only takes 4 simple items? Here’s what you’ll need to get: 1 large wooden crate (available at craft stores) Bright white LED puck lights (at least 6000k) Pan Phillips metal screws #6 x 1/2 in. – flat screws may damage the  ...

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