Longstridedesign Planters

Designed by the.Alte and fulfilled by Print A Pot

Bellied Orchid Pot

This orchid planter provides a beautiful aesthetic while also offering airflow and drainage to keep orchids’ roots happy and thriving. Available in two standard sizes, or can be customized for larger/smaller plants upon request. Comes with a matching drainage tray.

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Decorative Air Plant Vase

This air plant vase is a smaller version of the orchid planter. Air plants also benefit from increased airflow, and this air plant holder can be used with a number of decorative fill-ins to complement the air plant and this design.

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Badminton Birdie Air Plant Holder

A custom request, this Badminton “birdie” or shuttlecock air plant holder provides an elevated perch for small to medium-sized air plants.

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