Request a Custom Pot

We design and manufacture custom planters for special gifts or occasions.

We’ve designed a bench planter for an architecture firm and collaborated with The Seaside Succulent for a one-of-a-kind corporate gift:


Sean also created a unique blacklight/UV-reactive 3d printed trophy for our local Cub Scouts for their Pinewood Derby:


Want to request a custom pot for a special event or corporate gift?

Please read the following for a better idea of our process and the cost of custom planters:

  1. Designing a custom 3d printed pot can take from 1-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. If you want a bespoke planter, a $100 non-refundable design fee will be charged via a Paypal invoice or a custom product will be created for you to purchase before any design work is started. If this is a planter we can sell in our store, no design fee will be charged.
  2. We can do any quantity, however the best pricing will be with wholesale quantities (however, wholesale quantities will take longer to fulfill because of the 3D printing process). We will also waive the design fee/use it as a deposit towards your total if your order exceeds $400. For an idea on wholesale pricing:
    • Small planters (for succulents plugs or 2″ pots) are usually $4-$10.
    • Medium planters (for 3″-4″ pots) are $11-$20
    • Large planters (for 4″+ pots) are $20+.
  3. A prototype can be sent to you throughout the design process. You will get billed for the prototype and any accessories (e.g., plants, faux plants, or crocheted plants), and we would cover First Class Shipping costs. Payment will need to be received before any prototype is sent out.
  4. Once the design has been approved, we will invoice you and start printing your order. We will not ship out your order until final payment is received.
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