Sell Your 3D Printing Models for Planters and Air Plant Holders

If you're a 3D designer and want to make a little bit of money, you can submit your designs for planters and air plant holders to us. If we approve your design, we add it to our store and you get a commission whenever we sell it!

What we look for

  • Quality STL files without errors
  • Printable designs that do not require supports. Rafts/brims are fine.
  • What we prefer:
    • Planters should have drainage holes. Ideally, water should be able to make its way to the drainage holes and not get stuck inside the planter. Think about including a reservoir or catch tray for water to flow out, so that drainage holes don’t need to be printed at the very bottom of the planter. If the planter is on a flat surface,

it will not drain effectively. Planter should have a clear aesthetic and good proportions.We do target specific plants: succulents, orchids, and houseplants. Succulents do great in shallow pots or planters that are not very deep. Orchids prefer a lot of air flow, so incorporating holes/cutouts, voronoi styles, etc. are encouraged. Houseplants don’t particularly have any special needs, but most benefit with watering from below, so a spout or self-watering feature can be useful. Some houseplants also like humidity, so incorporating a humidity tray or a moat for water would be useful for these types.

    • Hanging planters are a big trend, especially since “String of” plants and hoyas are popular plants at the moment.
    • Cachepots are decorative pots. All we ask for these is a cool design and that it will fit a standard nursery pot.
    • Air Plant Holders need to have some way for an air plant to sit or be attached with a string or wire.
    • To reduce the amount of labor needed to “finish” a product, we will not accept designs that require painting or other post-production techniques. Designs with 2 colors of filament are acceptable.
  • Themes we use and/or like: Animals, Architecture, Modern, Cute, Beachy, Tropical
  • We do like gaming, movies, and sci-fi culture, but we will not accept designs that directly use someone else’s intellectual property. For example, we will not accept a Groot planter, Pokemon designs, etc. Any submitted designs must be of your own creation.


If we approve your design, we will print it, style it, and sell it on our Etsy store, website, and any other channel we can (e.g. consignment shops, florists, tradeshows, craft shows, etc.). We will credit the design of the product to you on the Etsy listing and our website listing. Whenever we sell your product, you will receive a commission of 10% of the profit after shipping via Paypal. The largest commissions can be had with planters that can be scaled into large sizes. If you have any questions, feel free to message us on Facebook or post to our subreddit.


Submit your design!

    Upload your file below (16mb max upload size). If there are multiple models, you can zip them up to be one file.

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