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Rocket Vertical Planter


This tall rocket planter has multiple planting areas. Best for outdoors!

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You’ve probably never needed a 4-tier vertical planter, but if you did, you might be delighted with this rocket planter!

Four stacked planting areas are available in this rocket, letting you create your own unique succulent or cactus arrangement. Add in a trailing plant like String of Pearls, Burro’s Tail, or String of Bananas for something that will really stand out. Best for outdoor use in a place that’s safe from heavy winds and gusts.

If you have a 3D Printer, you can print this yourself (highly recommended to DIY):


If you’re thinking of ordering this planter, some assembly is required! The entire kit contains:

  • Stages 1, 2, and 3
  • Steel engine base
  • 16 small screws (M3x20 set screws)
  • Assembly instructions

OPTIONAL: You can choose the “Kit without Stage 2” option to have 3 planting areas instead of 4. In this case, you would receive Stages 1 and 3, the Steel engine, 12 screws, and the assembly instructions.

To summarize, assembly involves sliding the first stage onto the engine and screwing it in with 4 screws. Once Stage 1 is installed, slide Stage 2 into the top of Stage 1 and attach with the screws. Slide Stage 3 into the top of Stage 2 and attach with screws.

The stages MUST be installed onto the steel base in order to be usable. Do not plant in the stages until they are securely attached to the steel engine.


To keep the center of gravity low, plant Stage 1 first. Two people are suggested for planting, as one person can hold the planter still while the other places the plants inside. Continue to the 2nd lowest planting area, then the 3rd, and finish with the topmost planter area carefully.


There are drainage holes in each stage of this planter. Watering from the top will drain the water from the topmost planter through to the one below, and will water each planter below it. Any excess water will drain out from the engine through a small porthole. See the action here:


We will replace any parts that break within one year of the purchase date. Photographic proof is required to grant replacements.

Made to Order

We manufacture these in our 3D printing studio on a first-come, first-serve basis. Current processing time: 5-10 days.

Product Materials

We use plant-based plastic (PLA/PHA or PLA) for all of our planters. We've chosen this material for its durability, eco-friendliness, and the fact it is made from plant-based starches.

Can I use this for...?

If you want to use this product for a purpose it's not intended for, please contact us first to be sure it will work!

International Shipping

We are based in the United States and will happily ship to you, but you must agree that:

  • We cannot guarantee delivery dates, as international shipping is out of our hands – it can take over a month or more to arrive to you.
  • Customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer. We will not falsify customs documents to reduce the duties you should pay.
  • If you do not agree to these terms, we reserve the right to cancel the order.


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