10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers!

Know a succulent lover but don’t know what to get them for Christmas? Not to worry! Here are 10 gift ideas for the #succulover in your life for the holidays!

1. Succulent Pack

Is there such a thing as too many plants? Possibly, but the answer for succulent collectors is NEVER. By gifting a mixed variety, there’s bound to be something that the collector will fall in love with!

Leaf and Clay Weirdo Pack
Leaf and Clay Awesome Echeveria Pack

Instead of a pack, you could send a succulent subscription from Leaf & Clay!

Love fairy gardens? Get mini succulents that would make the cutest mini garden!


2. Succulent Art

Easy to wrap and even easier to take care of (no maintenance!), succulent art is a surefire win for plant enthusiasts.

Succulent Love Limited Edition Print by Molly Mansfield
Succulent Love Limited Edition Print by Molly Mansfield

3. Succulent Pillows

These beautiful pillows would make any seating area welcoming — and they look so real!

Spiral Succulent decorative pillow by Plantillo
Spiral Succulent decorative pillow by Plantillo

4. Succulent Seeds Mix

Most enthusiasts work on growing their collection by propagating. But what about by seed? This surprise seed box provides a variety of seeds, which may include Echeveria, cactus, lithops, conophytum, and more!

Succulent Seeds

5. A Wreath of Plant Cheer

A beautiful wreath doesn’t always have to be made out of tree foliage — this living wreath is made with various sedums, echeverias, crassulas, and more. The plants can be kept in the wreath or replanted, making this gift something that can live beyond the holidays!
Succulent wreath

6. Bullet Journal Accessories

If the person you’re buying for is into bullet journaling, you can always gift them stickers and washi tape!

succulent stickers
washi tape

7. Cuttings

Grow their collection with a set of succulent cuttings! These are available from a number of places online, from Etsy to Amazon to nurseries like Mountain Crest Gardens.

8. A Fun Pot

Gifting a unique planter with drainage will make any succulent enthusiast happy!
Hedgehog Planter

Shop Our Pots & Planters

9. Succulent Workshops

There are some nurseries, local shops, or plant lovers/influencers who run workshop events where participants can create their own succulent wreaths or arrangements. You can search on Eventbrite or look through Facebook events in your gift recipient’s location to see if such a plant event is taking place!

Succulent Workshop
Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash

10. Something Rare and Unusual

Do you really want to WOW this person? No matter the cost?

Look for variegated or crested succulents. What does that mean? Variegated means that the plant has a mutation in its coloring — this is different from sun or cold stress, where a plant may turn pink, red, or dark with environmental stress. Variegation usually happens with pink or white coloring in the leaves. Crested succulents are a result of mutation or damage, in where the plant grows multiple heads/sections like a fan instead of what would be considered “normal”.

Variegated Haworthia retusa from Leaf and Clay
Variegated Haworthia retusa from Leaf and Clay

Running out of time for purchasing handmade gifts? We’ve added several of our premade products to our online inventory. Check it out below:

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Happy plant-gifting this holiday season!

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