Kid-Friendly Planter Ideas

If you love plants and want to foster that passion in your kids, you will want to start your children with kid-friendly planters or their very own fairy garden.

Many planters and pots are made from fragile materials like ceramic. They can also be heavy! 3D-printed pots use lightweight plastic materials and don’t break as easily as ceramic. It’s a great way to start young’uns with a plant to get their green thumb growing!

When choosing a kid-friendly pot, choose one that won’t break easily, is fun or useful enough to keep your child interested, and will be something they’ll want to keep as they grow older.

Animal Pots

Owl Pot
Frog Pot

Cute animal pots are sure to interest any child!  You can find many animal planters on the market (and some in our Print A Pot store!) of many different colors, sizes, and animal types.

There are frog pots, owl pots, hedgehog pots, cat pots, panda pots…even foxes, whales, elephants, dogs, and more.

What are your kids’ favorite animals?

Desk Planters

When your child starts getting homework from school, it’s a great idea to have the necessary school supplies together and organized. Pencils, scissors, glue sticks… keep them in one place like a desk organizer!

This desk organizer has a spot for easy-to-care for plants, plus a pen holder for school supplies. Add a whiteboard or blackboard front to write motivational messages to your child with dry erase markers, or let them draw freely on their own!

Fun Pots

There are a lot of fun pots that you can get, such as a pot that looks like a pineapple when there’s an air plant in it. Air plants themselves can be fun and educational for children! Plus, they’re easy to care for!

Also, there are many 3D-printed pots with video game themes and cartoon or movie characters. Since 3D design is so versatile, you can make a pot with any idea!

If you want a custom-themed pot that your child will love, you can contact us for a 3D design that we can then print for you to gift to your child!

For more kid-friendly pot ideas, follow our Pinterest Board! 


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