Air Plant Necklace Care Guide

One of our latest products has been the Squid Air Plant Necklace. Each necklace comes with its own lovely air plant, and it may be confusing how to remove and take care of the plant. Watch the video below or scroll down for text and photo directions:

First things first! When you receive the air plant necklace, remove the necklace from its box. Give the air plant a quick dunk in chlorine-free or filtered water, or give it a misting. If you have more time, you should remove the air plant from the necklace to give it a hydrating bath.

How to remove the air plant

Squid air plantThe necklace string is holding the air plant into the squid. To remove the air plant, hold the squid with one hand, and gently grip the air plant with your other hand. Gently pull the air plant out of the squid. You will see the string between the leaves of the air plant. Carefully remove the string from the air plant and tada! Your air plant is free.

You can now place your air plant in a bath of chlorine-free water. Since the air plant has been in a dark box without water for at least a few days, you can let the air plant soak for an hour or more. Once you are done soaking, place the air plant upside down on a paper towel or somewhere with air circulation to let the air plant dry completely. You can also let the air plant get some sunlight to recover from days of darkness. To learn more about air plant care, visit our plant care guide.

To replace the air plant back into the squid, gently place the squid’s looped string between the leaves of the air plant. Ideal placement is across the middle of the air plant. Slowly pull the string above the squid upwards, which will pull the air plant closer to the squid. Once the air plant has reached the squid, grasp the squid with one hand and gently push the air plant into the squid. You can also carefully tug the string above the squid to make sure the string holding the air plant is taut.

*** Be sure to only re-insert the air plant when it’s not wet. Inserting the air plant when it’s wet can hurt the plant and damage its trichomes. ***

If you want an easy care schedule with this necklace, you can heavily mist the plant so you can see water drops on the leaves. Also put the necklace in a place where the air plant will get bright indirect sunlight. With this method, you won’t have to remove the air plant.

How to store your necklace without the air plant

When you want to keep your necklace safe while the air plant is separate, take the loop that comes out of the squid and hold it with the necklace’s loop. Hang somewhere safe, making sure that both loops are hung and the squid can’t slide off the strings.

This is truly a unique necklace that can make a statement. If you have any care questions, be sure to contact us!

If you’re interested in a custom necklace, we can do those too! You can request a custom order through our Etsy store or request a custom product on our website.

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