Unique Halloween Gifts and Halloween Decorations

Halloween is only a month away, and while kids are dreaming of the loads of candy they’ll receive, the rest of us are thinking of tricks and non-sugary treats. We’re also thinking of new and unique ways to decorate our homes for Halloween! If you’re preparing for the skeleton war or just love creepy things, then read on 🙂

Of course, I have to start with…

Halloween Planters

Jack o lantern pineappleYeah, most people don’t think about indoor planters and pots during the fall. When I think of fall, I think of crunching yellow and orange leaves, sipping hot apple cider and switching from flip flops to boots. When we think about plants at this time of year, we’re thinking flowering mums, orchard trees full of ripe apples, and pumpkins!

And around this time of year, everyone is obsessed with pumpkins. Nothing says fall like a round orange gourd, right?

However, if you’re looking for something different, how about a pineapple masquerading as a jack-o-lantern? Top it off with an easy-care air plant, and you have a spooktacular desk accessory for your office or to give to your pineapple-loving friend.

Halloween Panda PotWhat about something cute in Halloween colors? An orange and black panda pot is full-on autumn with a dash of goth. Plant a small cactus or succulent inside and you have a perfect gift!

Want more goth? You can customize the colors on a regular panda succulent planter…I wonder what a black headed panda with red eyes would look like!

And how about a Halloween gift for cat lovers? Black cats are the epitome of Halloween symbols. Add some red vampire fangs and piercing eyes, and you have a cute and deadly vampire kitty.

Love all of them? There’s a Halloween Planter Kit with one of each, and a $2 discount off buying them separately!

Am I done with the self-promotion yet? Yes! Let me show you some other things I’ve found!

Halloween Cat Necklace by EnamelMagic
Halloween Cat Necklace by EnamelMagic

These cute cat necklaces are so boo-tiful. I love how there are different color schemes and scenes that you can choose from so you can get one that suits your own personal style.

Spider bracelet by UkigumoJewelryHalloween Spider Bracelet by UkigumoJewelry

More into creepy-crawlies? Carry around a spider on your wrist with this beaded bracelet!

Death Reaper Pug by OwlystoreDeath Reaper Pug by Owlystore

I wouldn’t want to leave the dog-lovers out of this post! Here’s a reaper-wielding crochet dog sure to steal anyone’s heart!

Halloween Cookies by Heidissweetshoppe
Halloween Cookies by Heidissweetshoppe

Who says that grown-ups can’t have treats too? These cookies look too adorable to eat!

Have a Happy Halloween!

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