Newest Products: DIY Planter Kits

We’ve just finished releasing 3 new products this week! Our latest DIY Planter Kits come with everything you need for a beautiful planted succulent or cactus pot. This is great for gifting to your best friend, your son or daughter, or even yourself 😉

These planting kits give you the plant, the soil, and of course a pot for the plant! So instead of having to shop for a new plant and the soil to put in your pot, it all comes together in one easy box. Plus you get instructions with photos on how to put everything together!

Why DIY?

Not everyone has a green thumb, and we know that taking care of plants is a learning process. We try to make it simpler and faster to get into planting by providing the necessities to get started. First, all of our pots have drainage. Most 3D printed pots nowadays don’t have drainage so that you can water your plant and the extra water won’t spill out on your table. Doing it this way isn’t the best because you have to be very careful of how much you water. If you water too much, the water sits in the pot and can cause your plant’s roots to start rotting! We always have drainage holes in our pots so the extra water can escape.

DIY Planter Kit includes soil, top dressing, plant and pot

What about the soil and top dressing? We’ve chosen a special gritty succulent soil that we use with our own  succulents and cacti. It looks like a bunch of rocks and bark chips, and not what we would normally think of as “soil”. However, this soil is soooo much better than regular soil. You don’t have to worry about mold, fungus gnats, or anything else creepy-crawly hiding in the dirt. This gritty soil also is fast-draining, which is great for succulents and cacti that shouldn’t have wet feet!

The top dressing is used on top of the succulent soil to let the plant visually pop from the planter. It also helps to hide the soil. We provide a black or white top dressing depending on the kit, but you can easily switch that out for aquarium pebbles, gravel, or other decorative rocks.

And as for the plant? We send a healthy succulent or cactus that will fit the planter. We know how difficult it is sometimes to get a healthy and beautiful succulent from your local box store, and the selection can be quite poor depending on where you are. We handpick each plant we send for health and aesthetics.

Different Options

Right now we have 3 different planter kits: Halloween Kitty, Cute Owl, and the Fun Frog.

The Vampire Kitty box comes with a small rosette succulent and is perfect for Halloween! The Owl and Frog kits come with a medium-size rosette succulent, or you can opt in for a moon cactus with the Frog planter. The Owl planter box has an option to add a drainage tray that we’ve designed specifically for this happy owl, and the frog kit automatically comes with a cute lilypad drainage tray.

Upcoming Kits

We’ll be adding a kit for our Panda Pot this week! As always, we do take custom orders so if you would like a DIY planter kit with a different pot or a different plant, just contact us to make a request!

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